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    Contracts Management - Best Practices in Foundational Skills RILS

    Contract Management is a course that covers all the necessary skills needed to excel in contract management and structure a contract according to best practices. Also, participants will learn about maximizing the success of the contract by assessing & analyzing the external environment, managing external partners, and limiting risk for the project stakeholders. Participants will also use contracting to implement strategies at their organization and assist in managing organizational change. In addition, all the subjects are tied together at the end of the course to help participants apply these skills in today’s business environment.

    Theoretical 40%

    Practical 30%

    Open Discussion 30%

    • Introduction to the course
    • Introduction to communication best practices 
    • Introduction to conflict best practices
    • Sources of conflict and the resolution process
    • Case studies of conflict management situations
    • Practice role playing conflict resolution
    • Introduction to negotiation best practices
    • Negotiation assessment, planning and styles
    • Practice role playing negotiation scenarios
    • Advanced communication case studies 

    • Contract development best practices
    • Contract outline and writing
    • Practice using the four contractual structures
    • Technical terms, conditions, terms of reference and tenders
    • Provisions, legal terms and conditions
    • Purchasing approaches, pricing models, risk payment & commercial terms

    • Dispute resolution/arbitration & contracts
    • Contract termination provisions & exit strategies
    • Case studies: International energy contracts
    • Practice pulling all the contracting skills together in an contract

    • Contract stakeholder mapping
    • Exercise- stakeholder mapping and communication examples
    • Contract context assessment
    • Partnering, benchmarking and alliances
    • Proposal evaluation
    • Contractual valorization and cost estimating

    • Risk management in contracting
    • Contractor and vendor selection & management
    • Case studies in risk & decision making in contracting
    • Exercises- how risk & decisions impact contracting outcomes

    • ‘Good Faith’ and exclusivity in contracts
    • Closing the deal
    • Regular analysis of contracting results
    • How contracting impacts organization PMO & strategic activities

    • Change management best practices
    • Contracting in the Design to Ops/Maintenance continuum
    • Exercise- contracting in times of change
    • Case studies in strategy, contracting and change
    • Pulling it all together- examples of best practices in contracts

    This course is best for managers or leaders who will be asked by their organization to make or be involved in making decisions regarding natural gas contracts.

    • Learn about communication best practices
    • Be able to use conflict best practices
    • Understand how to engage in conflict resolution
    • Know the negotiation best practices
    • Be able to use negotiation assessment, planning and styles
    • Know the contract development best practices
    • Be able to use the four contractual structures
    • Know contract technical terms, conditions, terms of reference, tenders, provisions, legal terms and conditions
    • Understand the various contract purchasing approaches, pricing models, risk payment & commercial terms
    • Learn how to use dispute resolution and arbitration methods
    • Know about contract termination provisions & exit strategies
    • Be able to use contract stakeholder mapping
    • Know the value of a contract context assessment
    • Understand best practices in partnering, benchmarking and alliances
    • Utilize proposal evaluation to make sure the contract is worthwhile
    • Know about contractual valorization and cost estimating
    • Understand how to use risk management in contracting
    • Know about contractor and vendor selection & management
    • Know about ‘Good Faith’ and exclusivity in contracts
    • Be able to close the deal
    • Understand the value of regular analysis of contracting results
    • Know how contracting impacts organization PMO & strategic activities
    • Understand change management best practices
    • Use contracting in all areas of the Design to Ops/Maintenance continuum

    This course requires the ability to read and write English as well as good English oral communication abilities. Participants will be expected to read at approximately the 9th grade level in order to utilize course materials to develop their skills in this area.

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