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    Contributing to an Effective and Successful Team RILS

    This course will show participants how their knowledge and skills can be used to create an effective and successful team.  They are introduced to different types of team roles and see how they can make contributions that support success of the whole team, as well as supporting other team members, based on their own roles and personal traits.

    Individuals will learn about will learn how to be self aware; what motivates them at work; and see how  emotional and resilience intelligence produces trusted team players.  They will understand their own traits, values and behaviors, whilst appreciating how these might be seen differently by others in the team.

    Through interactive activities, participants will practice employability skills that are essential for efficient teams, including communication, planning, managing conflict, colleague support and coaching, and personal influence, persuasion and negotiation.  

    Team Personalities
    • Understanding self
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Resilience Intelligence
    • Understanding others

    Creating an effective team
    • Team culture and values
    • Diversity in teams
    • Types of Team Roles
    • Use of personal traits for the benefit of the team
    • Adapting how you contribute to a team based on different team situations

    Communicating in the Team
    • Trust in teams
    • Communication types and styles
    • Empathy and Active Listening
    • Giving and receiving negative feedback
    • Handling team conflict
    • Coaching and mentoring in a team

    Team organization

    • Planning
    • Managing changing priorities
    • Team meetings
    • Time management
    • Collaboration on tasks or projects

    Types of change and the impact on teams

    • Being Flexible
    • Adapting and connecting with others
    • Supporting organizational and team changes

    People who work in teams looking to improve their contributions to their team and understanding the skills and behaviors needed for a successful team. 

    • Team Personalities
    • Creating an effective team
    • Communicating in the Team
    • Team organization
    • Types of change and the impact on teams


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