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    Cost Efficiency and Budgeting in the Oil and Gas Industry

    This course is designed to help attendees to:

    • Create a realistic budget as a step to achieving long term company profitability
    • Identify which costs and revenue streams to change to deliver the highest impact
    • Identify practical cost reduction actions
    • Understand the impact of decisions on operational performance
    • Put in place effective performance monitoring systems
    • Analyse reports to identify where, when and what corrective action is needed
    • Apply the process to improve efficiency
    Day 1

    Understanding the Current Business Environment

    • What are the special features of the Oil & Gas Industry?
    • The Balanced Scorecard
    • Influences & measures of profitability in the E&P sector
    • Lessons from how the industry responded to low oil prices in the past
    • Opportunities & Constraints for NOCs, IOCs and Service & Supply Chain Companies
    • What can be done now?
    Day 2

    Understanding Budgets and Costs

    • Financial planning overview & the Planning Cycle
    • Budgets – the first step towards achieving medium and long term objectives & plans
    • Defining & classifying costs and their interactions
    • Understanding cost drivers during the Life of Field
    • Understanding cost drivers in different parts of the business
    Day 3

    How to Translate the Principles into Actions

    • Analysing the financial statements to identify improvements and set realistic targets
    • Preparing the Budget
    • Presenting the Plan & Obtaining approvals - How to get a YES
    • Communicating the decisions and getting buy-in
    • Allocating Responsibility for delivery
    • Performance Tracking & Management - CAPEX
    • Tracking systems & Performance management actions for Capital Projects
    • Performance Tracking & Management - OPEX
    • Performance management actions for Opex
    • Spend Changing behaviours and attitudes 10 behaviours that can destroy value Benchmarking and Integrated Planning
    • Supply Chain Management, Outsourcing and Alliancing
    • 10 tips to effectively manage contracts and contractors
    • Optimisation of supply vessels, helicopters and other logistical operations
    • Inventory management - “the cash on the shelf”
    • 10 tips to effectively manage inventory
    • Maintenance needs and systems

    Reviewing & Reacting

    • Checking and re-calibrating assumptions
    • Post Project Appraisal

    Department managers
    Operational managers
    Field supervisors/team leaders
    Project managers
    Drilling managers
    Procurement & SCM managers

    • Current Business Environment
    • Budgets and Costs
    • Setting Principles into Action

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