• Class and Course

    Crane, Inspection & Maintenance

    • Course Objective
    • To familiarize personnel with their responsibilities during the Inspection of Cranes, and various operations, Rigging and Slinging, Testing, Inspection of wire ropes and lifting gear, Load Chart and Slinging procedures, and inspection of lifting gears, safe usage, application, and use of the correct hand signals
    • The following points shall be discussed in the course:
    • Establish a basic understanding of good working practice procedures for inspection of Lifting Equipment.
    • Understand associated legal and legislative requirements 
    • Carry out Inspection on Cranes before entering the work-site 
    • Monitoring each unit after Inspection 
    • Study the Rigging Plan, before carrying out Lifting Activities, and apply the plan in the workplace 
    • State the different measures to prevent wire rope failure 
    • Relate routine inspection and maintenance of wire ropes and lifting equipment 
    • Demonstrate working knowledge of wire rope, slings, and various applications of slinging, angles. 
    • Demonstrate working knowledge of S.W.L., safe usage, and demonstrate the application of standard hand signals based on Australian Standard and British Standard practice.
    • Classroom with Theoretical and Practical Implementation

    Day 1 
    Session 1:

    • Introduction
    • Crane Types
    • International Standard definition
    Session 2:
    • Safety devices
    • Annual inspection procedure
    • Proof load test
    Session 3:
    • Wire rope definition
    • Wire rope inspection
    • Sheaves inspection

    Day 2
    Session 4: 
    • Wire rope sling inspection
    • Chain blocks inspection
    • Toffer inspection
    Session 5:
    • Mobile lifting equipment inspection procedure.
    • Boom inspection
    • Boom foot pin
    Session 6: 
    • Boom head sheaves
    • Hock block
    • Auxiliary block

    Day 3
    Session 7:

    • Hoist limit switches
    • Boom upper and lower limit switches.
    • Boom hoist pawl
    Session 8: 
    • Use of lifting gear
    • Inspection eyebolts, shackles, hooks.
    • Inspection of the fixed crane.
    Session 9:
    • Inspection of beam clamp, beam trolley
    • Inspection of chain slings, turnbuckles, plate clamp
    • Color code system

    • Crane Operators & technecians

    • Crane Components
    • Crane Power Flows
    • Crane Operation
    • Safety Precautions and Maintenance
    • Types of Lifts
    • Load Handling
    • Operating Tips
    • Routine Maintenance Tips


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