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    Crisis Management and Emergency Response

    Course Summary

    • In- Class activities producing company-relevant work product 
    • Hypothetical Scenarios customized to the local oil & gas region 
    • In-Class Discussion sessions and videos. 
    Course Objective
    • Provide adequate knowledge and skills to participants in order to manage and handle all crisis/emergency situations at a strategic level, sustain business continuity and take all necessary decisions. 
    • Cover some main aspects of tactical response at an introductory level that will serve for decision-making at the strategic level.
    • Theoretical cases and Practical exercises.
    The following points shall be discussed in the course:
    • Emergencies & Crises Management and Business Continuity Management.
    • Media Management
    • Behavior Change: Organizational Change Management supporting the HSE Culture.

    • Crisis management – strategic level
    • Emergency Management’s key features
    • Business Continuity Management
    • Effective and efficient decision-making for prompt response to a crisis
    • Resource allocation
    • Medical Evacuation (MedEvac) arrangement
    • Management of Logistics
    • Management of internal and external communication
    • Workshop: How are we facing Emergencies, Crises, and Business Continuity with our HSE Management System?

    • Working with Media/Controlling press releases
    • HR management (also, Next of kin management)
    • Financial management in crisis
    • Assessment and instruction on environmental protection (e.g., activation of Oil spill response plan)
    • Prioritizing of impact object
    • Stress management / No panic
    • Other necessary implementations
    • Workshop: How are we helping our people develop the right HSE approach to manage risks?  

    • level C Managers

    • Fundamentals of Emergencies & Crises Management.
    • Fundamentals of Business Continuity Management.
    • Fundamentals of MedEvac.
    • Fundamentals of Media Management
    • Emergency, Crisis, and Business Continuity: Strategies, Plans, Teams, and Resources.

    • 3-5 years of oil & gas exploration & production experience, of any sort.

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