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    Data Science Fundamentals

    "Data Science Fundamentals" is a comprehensive three-day course introducing data science, AI, and data analytics. The training, conducted on the no-code platform Dataiku, covers exploratory data analysis, data pre-processing, cleaning techniques, and unconventional data types. It also includes supervised and unsupervised machine learning concepts. The blend of theory and hands-on experience through daily sessions ensures a practical understanding of the subject matter.

    General introduction to Data Science, AI and Data analytics


    Introduction to Data Science

    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence concepts

    Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) (Visualization, and Descriptive Statistics)

    Statistical analysis

    Data science platform overview

    Hands-on session

    Data pre-processing and cleaning for Data analytics


    An introduction to unconventional data types (Textual data, times series, image)

    Data manipulation

    Data cleaning (Missing values, outliers …)

    Data transformation (Standardization, normalization, …)

    Data balancing

    Hands-on session

    Supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning


    Introduction to supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning

    Regression and classification methods

    Clustering algorithms (K-means)

    Model evaluation and metrics

    Ensemble learning (Random forest, bagging, boosting)

    Hands-on session

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