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    Data understanding and visualization

    In this dynamic training, students will master the essential toolkit for transforming raw data into meaningful insights. The course goes beyond basic theory, offering a hands-on approach to the art of data analysis. Learners will become proficient in utilizing cutting-edge data visualization software and techniques, enabling them to reveal the stories hidden within the numbers.

    Data Preparation and Management

    • Data Cleaning Essentials: Understanding the nuances of data quality and methodologies for cleaning datasets.
    • Standardization Techniques: Introducing methods for data normalization and scaling to bring uniformity to datasets.
    • Feature Engineering: Exploring strategies for feature creation and selection to enhance model performance.
    • Principles of Data Integration: Techniques for combining data from various sources to create cohesive datasets.
    • Strategies for Data Reduction: Learning methods to reduce data dimensionality while preserving its integrity.
    • Ensuring Data Integrity: Processes for data validation and verification to ensure accuracy and reliability.

    • Fundamentals of Data Annotation: Overview of the data annotation process and its importance in AI and machine learning.
    • Annotation Tools Exploration: Surveying the landscape of annotation tools and platforms, including hands-on exercises.
    • Best Practices in Data Annotation: Discussing the dos and don’ts in annotating text, images, and videos to create high-quality datasets.
    • Quality Assurance in Annotation: Establishing protocols for quality control and efficient management of the annotation process.
    • Introduction to Interactive Visualization with Plotly/Dash:
      • Plotly Primer: Learning the basics of creating dynamic data visualizations with Plotly.
      • Engaging Visuals with Plotly: Techniques for crafting interactive charts and graphs.
      • Dash Framework Overview: Building web applications with Dash for data presentation.
      • Dash Component Deep Dive: Understanding and utilizing Dash components for complex visualizations.
      • Elevating Your Dashboards: Concluding with best practices and exploring advanced topics in Plotly/Dash.

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