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    Deepwater Familiarization

    This four-day course provides overall awareness, at a foundation level, of deepwater wells, including the deepwater geological environment, metocean setting, well design concerns, rig selection, and an overview of well drilling operations in deepwater.

    Presentations, Videos, and Exercises will be used to support learning

    Day 1

    Introduction to Deepwater

    • Introduction, Challenges of Deepwater: an introduction to the deepwater setting, and the main challenges associated with wells drilled in deepwater.
    • History: the background to the progressive move into deeper water, with discussion of rig generations and capabilities.
    • Geology, Overburden, Pore & Fracture Pressure, Geomechanics: the geological setting, and how the deepwater environment affects key drilling risks, including PPFG and geomechanics.
    Day 2

    Deepwater Metocean Environment and Rig Selection

    • Metocean & Seafloor: the meteorological and oceanographic environment and how this affects the design and operation of MODUs, platforms, workboats, and aircraft supporting deepwater wells.
    • Station Keeping: Mooring and dynamic positioning systems and their pros and cons.
    • Rig Selection: taking into account the operating environment, market, generation, hull type, and station-keeping requirements, as well as crew competence and management systems.
    Day 3

    Well operations in deepwater,

    • Open Water Operations: operations conducted prior to setting BOPs
    • Shallow Hazards: the hazards faced prior to having well shut-in capability
    • Conductors: design and operational concerns in setting conductors
    • Wellhead Systems: design and operational aspects of subsea wellheads
    • Cementing: concerns associated with cementing in deepwater
    Day 4

    Rig Equipment, Well Control, and Additional Considerations

    • BOP Systems & Drilling Riser: BOP selection and operations in deepwater
    • Drilling Equipment: specific challenges associated with deepwater wells and how equipment has been developed to meet these
    • Well control fundamentals: key aspects of well control in deepwater
    • Drilling Fluids: concerns associated with drilling fluids in deepwater
    • Additional deepwater considerations: salt, well design issues, awareness of new technology, and operations management in deepwater

    This course is designed as an entry to deepwater wells for drilling and completions engineers, technicians, and administrative staff who will be involved in the planning and/or execution of deepwater wells.

    It is a stepping stone to skill level courses providing deeper knowledge of drilling and completions in deepwater, and the advanced level course in deepwater well project & risk management.

    The course assumes that participants are aware of the basic principles of drilling and completions and have some exposure to offshore wells.

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