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    Deepwater Geohazards

    Learning objectives

    • Obtain a good understanding of the geological, geophysical and geomechanical aspects of geohazards, their prediction and mitigation,
    • There will be extra focus on fundamentals of geomechnic and pore pressure modeling.
    • Learn about the potential drilling risks and mitigation.
    • Please note that this is not a drilling deep water course but it complements such course.
    • The course is most suited for  geoscientists, petroleum engineers and drilling engineers who want to know more about geological and geophysical aspects of geohazard.


    Day 1

    Introduction and overview of Geohazard?

    • Key Geohazard Mechanisms
    • Understanding and their predictions
    Day 2

    Introduction to Geomechanic and Mechanic Earth Modeling

    • Fundamental of geomechanic and its applications in drilling,
    Day 3

    Pore Pressure and its prediction

    • Basic of pore pressure and over pressure mechanisms
    • Pore pressure prediction methods (pre-drill, while drilling and post drill)
    Day 4

    Drilling Deep Water Challenges Related to Geohazards?

    •  Identification of geohazard related to drilling A-Z (from platform installation to drilling, completion and production)
    Day 5

    Geohazard Management Planning Process – Putting it all together

    • Geo-hazards Identification , Understanding risk & Mitigation

    Geophysicists, geologists and drilling engineers 

    Basic understanding of geology and geophysics

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