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    Deferred Production Analysis and Production Accounting

    This course provides the knowledge and tools to identify the challenges associated with the production losses, production measurements, production planning, and the integration of production activities

    By the end of the course you will learn:

    • To identify and document the reasons for the deferred production to optimize production system
    • Understand the challenges associated with production operations
    • Production metering, deferment administration, and planning
    • How to improve the process

    • Pre Test
    • Production operations
      • Overview of the production operations system
      • Overview of Well, Reservoir & Facility Management (WRFM) process
    • Production forecast
    • Definition of production deferment
      • Planned deferment
      • Unplanned deferment
    • Reasons for production planned deferment
    • Impact of the planned and unplanned deferment
    • Reasons of the production deferment
    • How to forecast the unplanned deferment
    • How to minimize the production deferment
    • Methods to detect production losses
    • Production planning
      • Principles activity planning
      • Integrated production planning
    • Group discussion

    • Production deferment management
      • Production accounting
        • Dynamic measurements
        • Static measurements
        • Metering system
      • Material balances
      • Verification/validating process for data
      • Roles and responsibilities
      • Production allocation & reconciliation
      • Exercises on allocation and reconciliation
    • Group discussion

    • Production deferment management (Cont.)
      • Analysis the integrated production system performance
      • How to integrate production plans, maintenance plans, programed shutdowns activities and detect inconsistencies in the plans to identify the causes of production deferment
      • Validates short term production
    • Application of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to identify the production deferment
      • Root cause analysis methodologies
      • Case studies: production deferment analysis
      • Application of RCA to company- Cases
    • Group discussion
    • Post Test

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