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DELFI - Data Ecosystem

The DELFI - Data Ecosystem course provides the fundamentals of Data Ecosystem as exposed by the Developer Portal solution in DELFI. The Developer Portal provides a catalog of RESTful API's provided by Schlumberger to create, read, and update data in the DELFI Ecosystem. The data is from a variety of domains.  

Day 1

Data Ecosystem Architecture & Openness, overview

Developer Portal, Overview

DE Admin App, Overview

RESTful API & OpenAPI Specification

                Lab: End to End RESTful API development using OpenAPI Specification

Data Ecosystem, Core Services

                Compliance Services

                Entitlement Services

                Unit & CRS Catalogs and Services

                Storage Services

                Search Services

                Lab 1: DE core services API

                Lab 2: consume data in DELFI Data Analytics

Data Discovery using DE Admin App

Day 2

Creating DE client libraries

                Lab: create client libraries and write codes for DE core services APIs

Domain API (interpretation, Platform Metadata)

Ingestion Services API workflow

Ingestion of tabular data in csv format

                Simple Data set descriptor

                Lab 1: ingest field data in csv format

Day 3

Ingestion of tabular data in csv format (Continued)

                Dataset descriptor with unit/CRS & references

                Lab 2: ingest well data in csv format

Ingestion of JSON data

                Lab: create client library for search and storage services to query well data and create a JSON file to ingest using API

Ingestion of GeoJSON data

                Lab 1 & 2: create client library for storage services to ingest field boundaries and pipelines

                Lab 3: consume pipeline data

Day 4

Ingestion of unstructured documents

Lab 1: ingest documents using Developer Portal

                Lab 2: create client library for ingestion services and ingest unstructured documents

Ingestion of LAS files

                Lab 1: ingest las file using Developer Portal

                Lab 2: use ingestion services client library to ingest LAS files

                Lab 3: consume log data

DE Admin App, configuration and ingestion

                configure DE App with new source, entity and ingestion templates

                Lab: Configure DE Admin App

                ingestion of tabular, unstructured documents and logs

Day 5

Enrichment workflow

                define merge criteria and priorities for creating well known entities based on multiple sources

                Lab 1: ingestion and enrichment ofwell data from source 1

                Lab 2: ingestion of data from source 2 and enrichment of both data sources

Introduction to advanced topics

                Notification services

                Domain Data Management Service

Learning activity mix

Programmers familiar with E&P domain data.

We will cover the following:

  • Overview of DELFI Ecosystem
  • What is Openness?
  • Overview of the Developer Portal
  • Overview of Data Ecosystem Admin App 
  • Data ecosystem core services
  • Data ecosystem ingestion and enrichment services
  • Creating client libraries
  • Knowlege of Python
  • Understanding of RESTful API use.  
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