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    Digital and Robotics Drilling technology for different levels of Autonomous Drilling

    The key objectives for the course are to provide Physical Electronic Measurement, Analog and Digital communications, Analog and Digital signals processing, Robotic Drilling Elements, Cloud systems, Intelligent algorithms and software introduction, which make real the different levels of autonomous drilling projects.

    Additionally, this course clarifies as well on the way of measuring digital and robotic technologies deployment efforts and value to the different drilling processes in different drilling environments to execute in a more safely way, obtain a more accurate engineering and increase drilling execution reliability and performance.?

    Introductionto Digital Drilling: key concepts.

    ·       Drilling Data Management

    ·       DrillingRemote Monitoring state of the art

    ·       CommonCoding languages used in Drilling

    ·       Machinelearning for drilling

    ·       ArtificialIntelligence for Drilling

    ·       Cloud technologies forDrilling applications

    Introductionto Drilling Intelligence and Automation thru robotic actuators: Key Concepts

    ·       Internet of the Thingsfor drilling

    ·       Drilling Elements/Things

    ·       Communications Protocols

    ·       RoboticInstrumentation Introduction

    Introduction to Intelligent systems in the rig

    ·       Roboticpipe and casing handling Systems

    ·       RigsPower Systems to enable intelligence

    ·       IntelligentRigs Rotation Systems

    ·       IntelligentRig Well Control Systems

    ·       RigAutodrillers

    Drilling Domains Intelligence Applications

    ·       IntelligentDrilling Fluid Technologies

    ·       IntelligentBits Technologies

    ·       IntelligentAutonomous Directional Drilling

    ·       IntelligentWireline, cementing and Extra Drilling Related Intelligent Systems

    Holistic Drilling Autonomy

    ·       AutonomousDrilling well design

    ·       SurfaceAutomation

    ·       DownholeAutomation

    ·       AutomationModules 

    ·       ReservoirEngineering workflows integration in autonomous drilling systems

    ·       Digitaland Robotics value in drilling processes RECAP

    Any person with interest in provide a more intelligent context to drilling operations.

    Day 1 – Introduction to Digital Drilling: key concepts.

    Day 2 – Introduction to Drilling Intelligence and Automation thru robotic actuators: Key Concepts

    Day 3 – Introduction to Intelligent systems in the rig

    Day 4 –Drilling Domains Intelligence Applications

    Day 5 – Holistic Drilling Autonomy

    Basic Math, Basic Drilling Operations.

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