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    Digital Transformation - (Remote Instructor-Led Series)

    What could Digital Transformation really mean to you and your company?

    This class will prepare you to identify and prioritize potential digital transformation segments within your organization or industry. You will start by setting your ambition level – whether by team, corporation or country – and deciding whether you want to fully transform or optimize your existing workflows.

    Once your ambition is established, the class will cover how to create appropriate resource, deployment and communications strategies.

    The class will not cover available digital technologies in detail – this class is targeted at those that wish to apply said technologies for sustained competitive advantage.

    This class is delivered remotely over 4 days, with 4 hours of live instructor teaching per day.


    • Optimize or transform?
    • Goals vs. status quo/present day
    • Defining a communication strategy


    • Investigate and evaluate relevant technologies
    • Identify new commercial models
    • Identify and secure partnerships
    • Confirm selections before deployment


    • Account for transformation disruption
    • Identify gaps and required training or change management
    • Create and maintain relevant metrics


    • Ensure your corporation is ready for enterprise-wide deployment
    • Review the value delivered by Pilot Projects and access updates
    • Confirm the application of new business models


    • Monitor, evaluate and update as needed

    This course is intended for anyone that wishes to lead, initiate, or participate in any scale of digital transformation project with a specific focus on the energy sector.

    • Preparation - Setting ambition levels and resourcing accordingly. How to rank and prioritize potential projects.
    • Design - Define evaluation criteria. Identify and secure key partnerships. Identify new business models.
    • Deploy - Change management and defining relevant metrics.
    • Refine - Monitor and react to metrics. Refine for future projects.

    There are no prerequisites for this course, however familiarity with digital technologies is helpful.

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