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    Drill Bits and Hydraulics

    The purpose of this course will be to give the participants an in depth knowledge of the IADC Drill Bit Classification system, nomenclature, and dull grade reporting procedures.  Participants will learn about the two major classes of drill bit commonly used in oilfield drilling.  Participants will review drill bit design, drill bit cutting structures, and they will perform drill bit application exercises.  The importance of drill bit hydraulics in the drilling process will be reviewed and use of hydraulic calculation software and applications will be highlighted.

    Day 1

    Drill Bit Types and Technology

    • Bit types and classes
    • Rock-bit Technology
    • IADC drill bit classification
    • Drill bit hydraulics

    On the first day of this course, participants will learn about the different drill bit types and technologies.   Rock-bit technology will be discussed to include the topics of design, bearing, seals, cutting mechanics, and application.  IADC bill classification for IADC nomenclature will also be covered.  The day will end with a discussion on minimizing risks with rock bits and drill bit hydraulics.

    Day 2

    Fixed Cutter and IADC Drill Bit Dull Grading

    • Fixed cutter drill bit technology
    • IADC drill bit dull grading
    • Practical dull grading exercise      

    The second and final day of this course will cover fixed cutter drill bit technology and IADC drill bit dull grading.  Fixed cutter drill bit technology will include discussions over terminology, drilling mechanics, PDC drill bit design, PDC cutters, and PDC drill bit cutting structures.  Attendees will participate in fixed cutter bit application exercises.  The second half of this day will focus on IADC drill bit dull grading.  Participants will learn about the theory and reporting of IADC drill bit dull grading and then will participate in dull grading exercises. 

    Junior Drilling Engineers, Junior Well and Operations engineers, as well as other personnel involved in well planning and drilling.

    Participants should have a general understanding of drilling operations, oilfield mathematics, and geology.

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