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    Drillbench Dynamic Hydraulics and Temperature Modeling

    This 2 day course teaches the fundamentals of using the Drillbench Dynamic Hydraulics software (formerly known as Presmod). It shows the user how to enter the required well data and how to run the dynamic simulations with the software. The course is a mix of power point slides and individual hands-on exercises to show the participants the use of the software. At the end of the course, the participants should be able to enter the required well data and run simulations using the software

    Day 1
    • Wellbore Hydraulics
    • Wellbore Temperatures
    • User interface
    • Help Screens
    • Data input
    • Basic Hydraulics (Steady State)
    • Interactive simulations
    • ECD / ESD
    • Temperature models
    • Parameters and Charts
    • Exporting data
    Day 2
    • Expert Input Data
    • Hole Cleaning
    • Managed Pressure and Dual Gradient Drilling
    • Batch Simulations
    • Surge and Swab Simulations
    • Cementing

    Drilling and Fluid (mud) Engineers dealing with drilling hydraulics calculations. Drilling managers and drilling supervisors requiring a better understanding of drilling fluid hydraulics.

    On the first day students are given an introduction to hydraulics and temperature modeling and then shown how to enter the required data into the software.

    In the second day we will start with some of the advanced features of the software such as hole cleaning and managed pressure drilling and dual gradient drilling operations.

    Comprehension and understanding of well design and hydraulics is required to understand the input and output requirements of the software. Participants will also need to have an understanding of the basics of drilling fluids rheology.

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