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    Drilling and Production Overview with Virtual Reality visits

    This one day course is designed to introduce the audience to drilling and production operations of the downstream and upstream oil and gas industry.

    The course will be delivered using a combination of online modules that participants will complete at the training center, interspersed with virtual reality tours to land and offshore drilling rigs and a production facility.

    Day 1

    Introduction to Geology

    • An overview of Petroleum Geology
    • History and Economics of Petroleum
    • Oilfield and Reservoir Lifecyle


    • Drilling Overview - Personnel and Equipment
    • The Well Design Process
    • The Well Construction Process
    • Drilling Economics and the AFE
    • Drilling Challenge

    Virtual Reality tour of land and offshore drilling rigs

    Lunch break (1 hour)

    Production Operations

    • Well Completion Overview
    • Completion Equipment
    • Specific Completions
    • Perforating Overview
    • Surface Facilities and Production Transportation
    • Completion Operations Challenge

    Virtual Reality tour of a production facility

    Anyone needing an introduction to drilling and production in the downstream and upstream oil and gas industry.  Excellent for anyone with a non-technical background or little to no petroleum industry experience.

    Overview of petroleum geology; drilling personnel and equipment; well design and construction process; drilling economics AFE; Well completion overview; Completion equipment and operations; perforations; surface facilities and production transportation


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