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    Drilling Interpretation

    Drilling interpretation comprisesof advance real-time drilling monitoring, analysis and interpretation solutionsthat ensures efficient drilling and hazards prevention. It allows ease of computationin a single well and collaboration in a multi-well environment by comparisonswith previous wells in other to maximize lessons learned from previous wells.


    In this course, participants willlearn how to use different workflow to perform several tasks. You will learnhow to perform Quality check on the input data, Setup and run the Statusworkflow which contains the QC, Activity State and the TVD computation. Youwill learn how to Setup and run the Hole Cleaning workflow, which contains the LogSynchronization, Rig State, Trip Load Analysis, Hydraulics Torque and DragMonitoring methods. You will also learn how to Setup and run the DrillingEfficiency workflow, which contains the Torque Weight, Bit Wear and ROPPredictions methods. In this class participants will also learn how to Setupand run the KPI workflow which contains the Rig state method, the Drill statemethod, the Rig time method and the Rig state summary. You will also learn howto Setup and run the MSE workflow which contains the Depth of cur method andthe Mechanical specific energy. Finally, you will learn how to Setup and Run aCustom workflows which provide you the ability to create and save your owncustom workflows.

    • Introduction
    • DELFI set-up
    • Getting Started on Drilling Interpretation
      • Project setup
      • Data import
      • Active well selection
      • Real-time Dashboard
    • BHA Builder
      • Build from Sketch
      • Build from Type Column
      • Importing BHA from WITSML file

    • Well Activities Editor
    • Drilling Fluids Editor

    • Workflows
      • Standard Workflow
      • Drilling Efficiency Workflow
    • Drilling Workflows
      • Auto State
      • Log Synchronization
      • MSE
      • Rig time
      • TVD Computation
      • Hydraulics
      • KPI
      • Reference connection
      • Broomstick
      • Torque and drag

    • Tripping Workflows
      • Auto State
      • Log synchronization
      • Rig time
      • TVD computation
      • Fingerprint
      • Hydraulics
      • KPI
      • Reference connection
      • Broomstick
      • Torque and drag
    • Depth-gating Workflow
      • Activity State
      • Depth gating

    • Drilling Efficiency
      • Torque weight
      • Bit Wear
      • ROP Prediction
    • Custom Workflow

    • Drilling Engineers

    • BHA Builder
    • Well activities editor
    • Drilling fluid editor
    • Drilling workflows
    • Tripping workflows
    • Drilling efficiency workflow

    • Basic Drilling Interpretation

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