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Drilling Optimization - RILS

This is a Remote Instructor Led Series training, all training sessions will be delivered online with no face-to-face classroom attendance.                                                                             

It is recommended to cover maximum four hours per day.       

This course will train drilling engineers in the benchmarking, identification, application, and implementation of drilling optimization techniques.  These techniques will cover both offset and historical well data, as well as real-time drilling data.  The intention of this class will be to give participants in this course knowledge to apply well optimization techniques in well engineering, drilling fluid engineering and well construction engineering.

What is Drilling Optimization

Drilling Optimization Process

Risk Management Process - Key Elements

Technical Limit Concept

Offset Well Selection and Analysis

Key Performance Indicators

Probabilities and Data Distribution

Risk Analysis tools and Risk Assessment

Risk Analysis to Risk Management

Offset vs Engineering Risk Analysis

Well Time Estimation Basics regarding Risk

Risk Assessment, Initial vs Residual Risks

Drillstring Mechanics

Shock and Vibrations

 Managing S&V

Measurements and ROP Enhancing Techniques

Mechanical Specific Energy and its use in well planning and drilling operations

Technologies to improve performance

The well Design Process

Designing into the Safe Operations Window

Need for a forecast, assessing performance and revising the plan

Definition of a Model, limitation and its applications

Inputs from Execution to Control and Review

Control and Review Process and its output

Impact of Control and Review

Final test

Final Q&A

Drilling engineers with 1-3 years of operations experience.

Drilling optimization methodology

Offset well selection

Time and cost estimation

Data Analysis

Risk Analysis

Benchmarking and key performance indicators

Measurements and Technology Enablers

Good overall knowledge of well construction processes, drilling engineering, as well as simple time and statistical analysis techniques (e.g. mean, median, mode, probabilities, percentages).

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