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    Drilling Project and Risk Management

    During this course participants will learn project and risk management principles and how to apply these principles during drilling operation management.  Attendees will experience a holistic, multi-disciplinary, and integrated management course that will involve operations, personnel, administration, finance, and legal functions.  The main goal of this course will be to teach participants how to apply the critical project and risk management concepts that are required to run drilling projects in a safe, efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly manner.  

    Participant will have the opportunity to learn about project planning and design, contract models, drilling program and planning software.  Other topics that will be covered include tendering and contracting strategy, project finance and administration, supply chain management, and project closeouts.  HSEQ management systems, risk management processes, levels of risk management, and operational risk management and analysis will also be covered.

    By the end of the course, participants should be familiar with the key issues and principles associated with drilling projects and risk management, as well as how to apply those learned skills.  Participants will also learn how to integrate these principles in the asset or project teams to optimize the management of the drilling project and manage identified risks in order to increase the value of a project.

    Day 1

    Drilling Project and Risk Management

    • Overview of drilling project and risk management
    • Cost vs Value
    • Contract models
    • Project planning and design

    On the first day, while learning about drilling project and risk management concepts, participants will discover the difference between cost and value, as well as the different styles and uses of contract forms. The day will conclude with important aspects of project planning and design for the well planner.

    Day 2

    Drilling Software and Programming

    • Planning software
    • Drilling programming and analysis
    • Tendering and contracting strategy
    • Project finance and administration      

    The second day of this course will focus on drilling software and programming.  Participants will learn the use of planning software, the importance of drilling programming and analysis, as well as tendering and contracting strategy.  Project finance and administration and how it affects the value and cost of projects will also be discussed. 

    Day 3

    Supply Chain Management and Reporting Systems

    • Supply chain management
    • Reporting systems
    • Communications and knowledge management
    • Project closeout

    On the third day, participants will learn the function and importance of supply chain management and reporting systems.  Elements of and types of communications and knowledge management are discussed so that their importance in project management can be well appreciated. Finally the elements and purpose of project closeout will be covered.                

    Day 4


    • Management systems
    • HSEQ management systems
    • Introduction to risk management

    The focus of day four will be management and concepts of risk.  Different styles and types of management systems, their functions and use will be covered this day. These management systems will include both the project, as well as important subsystems such as HSEQ. The concept of risk, how it is characterized and an introduction to how it is managed will finish the day.

    Day 5

    Risk Management

    • Risk management process
    • Levels of risk management
    • Operational risk assessments

    The last day of this course will tie together the elements covered in this course so participants will better understand how to identify, quantify, and manage risk. This will include the administration, operational, and management aspects of risk.  Participants will be able to better understand how risk management is integrated into project management and apply this knowledge to their job.

    The course will be most beneficial to drilling managers, general managers, asset managers, project managers, finance managers, and project controllers with direct responsibility for, or involvement in, the management of resources with on-going or planned drilling operations.  It is also be suitable for experienced drilling engineers, drilling superintendents and drilling supervisors.

    Participants should have basic drilling engineering and well planning experience. Additional experience with drilling operations will be helpful and will enable participants to better understand some of the consequences faced from hazards encountered in drilling activities.

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