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    DrillPlan Intermediate

    This training aim to cover both front and back end, with a mix of lectures and hands-on sessions which structurally explains all DrillPlan technical aspects. 

    During day 1, the following will be covered:

    • DrillPlan on-boarding (solution access)
    • Project orchestration definition and customization
    • Workflows planning definition and organization 

    During day 2, the following will be covered:

    • Introduction to engineering simulations
      • Trajectory design

    During day 3, the following will be covered:

    • Dive-in with a variety of drilling engineering workflows including casing designs, load cases analysis and kick tolerance among others

    During day 4, the following will be covered:

    • Risks analysis using offset well data and their impact for probabilistic analyses
    • Time versus depth curve creation and standard operating procedures (SOP)
    • AFE setup 
    • Smart reporting generation
    • Open discussion and wrap-up.

    The target audience are Drilling Engineers, Well Control Engineers, Well Placement Engineers and/or others involved in the drilling planning phase.

    Multi-domain collaborative workflows including (not exclusively): trajectory and casing design, BHA and fluids design, kick tolerance analysis, geomechanics integration and automated offset well data analysis; project orchestration and smart report generation.

    No specific prerequisites, available to all Drilling Engineers and Managers who works and collaborate in the drilling engineering analysis. 

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