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Dynamic Pressure Drilling - RILS

This is a Remote Instructor Led Series training, all training sessions will be delivered online with no face-to-face classroom attendance.                                                                             

Each module is 2 hrs, recommended to cover maximum two (2) modules per day.            

This 5 day course is designed to help drilling engineering professionals understand the emerging technologies under the umbrella term of Dynamic Pressure Drilling (DPD). DPD refers to a group of technologies that relies on manipulation of downhole pressure via means other than mud weight alone to achieve wellbore objectives. DPD technologies include, Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD), Underbalanced Drilling (UBD), (Pressurized) Mud Cap Drilling, Dual Gradient Drilling (DGD), Air Drilling, Foam Drilling and Continuous Circulation.

  • Introductions and Overview, IADC Classification of DPD Techniques
  • DPD Application Drivers

  • DPD Techniques - MPD, UBD, PMCD, DGD, CML, CCS, RMD, NCD
  • DPD Fluids - Air, Nitrogen, Foam, Aerated, Single Phase & speciality fluids

  • DPD equipment - Typical Layouts, onshore & offshore.  RCDs: land, shallow and deep water
  • DPD Equipment - Chokes, Manifolds, NRVs, Flow Metering, Separators, Nitrogen Genetation & Ancilliary Equipment.

  • MPD Design and Control
  • UBD Design and Control

  • PMCD Deign and Control
  • DPD Tripping, running casing and cementing
  • Final Exam

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