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    Effective time management and Stress control RILS

    Good time management and organizational skills help us to be more productive and focused in our work and home lives.  Through active learning we look at the pitfalls of bad time management and organization skills and how behaviors can be changed to make us more effective, reducing stress and increasing our focus.

    Proactively seeking to identify our stressors, helps us to navigate them.  This self management keeps us on track and provides us with skills to help others deal with their work stress, and how we interact with others under stress.

    Introduction to time and stress management
    • Goal Setting.
    • Organization skills.
    • Understanding stress and what it looks like to you.
    • Time management and organizational tools, techniques and methodologies.
    • Planning usage of time for completion of tasks and goals.

    Organizing you

    • Time management tools for different purposes.
    • Task scheduling and prioritization.
    • Working to deadlines.
    • Efficient decision making.
    • Organizing data and information.
    • Organization of the workspace to be more productive.
    • Determine what time management tools work for you.

    Identifying and responding to stress.

    • Identifying stressors and distractors.
    • Responding to stress.
    • Effective tools for managing the stress.
    • Managing personalities under stress.
    • Navigating the stress in others.

    Adapting to people and change.

      • Managing your time whilst working with others
      • Managing interruptions.
      • Effective meetings.
      • Delegating and collaborating with others.
      • Navigating different work styles.
      • When and how to say 'no' in a positive way.

      Anyone who wants to improve their focus and productivity.

      • What are time management and organization skills?
      • Effective time management steps.
      • Task scheduling and prioritization.
      • Time management tools for different purposes.
      • Goal setting.
      • Working to deadlines.
      • Managing interruptions.
      • Delegating and collaborating with others.
      • Managing different work styles.
      • Adapting to people and change.
      • Stress triggers and distractors.
      • Responding to stress.
      • Managing personalities under stress.

      No prerequisites.

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