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    Electric Submersible Pumps - Application Engineering - RILS

    The Electric Submersible Pump System (ESP) is considered an effective and economical means of lifting large volume of fluids from great depths under a variety of well conditions. Over the years, the ESP companies, in conjunction with the major oil companies, have gained considerable experience in producing high viscosity fluids, gassy wells, high temperature wells, etc. With this experience and improved technology, wells that were once considered non-feasible for submersibles are now being pumped economically.

    This course is designed to provide a solid grasp of ESP and its applications. It covers detailed description of the components of ESPs making emphasis on the specific functions of each one. The standard application is described as well as some non-standard applications. The use of the affinity laws for centrifugal pumps is illustrated with practical examples. Downhole gas separators and gas handlers are discussed in a dedicated section of the course. This RILS course considers 4 hrs/day instruction.

    Day 1
    • Welcome Address + Instructor & Participants Introduction and Expectations
    • Review of Artificial Lift Systems
    • Exercise
    • Standard ESP Applications
    • Exercise
    • Reservoir Dynamics - Productivity Index
    • Exercise
    • Reservoir Dynamics - Vogel and Combined
    Day 2
    • Induction Motor Description and Selection
    • Exercise
    • Centrifugal Pump Description
    • Exercise
    • Affinity Laws
    • Exercise
    • Centrifugal Pump description and Selection
    • Exercise
    Day 3
    • Protector Description and Selection
    • Exercise
    • Gas Separator and Advanced Gas Handler Description
    • Exercise
    • Power Cable Description and Selection
    • Exercise
    • Transformer Description and Tapping
    • Exercise
    Day 4
    • Design of an ESP System According to API RP 11S4 Method
    • Exercise
    • Physical Limits
    • Exercise
    • Variable Speed Drive
    • Exercise
    • Gas Application - Design
    • Exercise
    Day 5
    • Nodal Analysis Introduction
    • Exercise
    • ESP Design Using Nodal Analysis
    • Exercise
    • Non Standard Applications
    • Exercise
    • Summary of All the Topics Covered in the Session
    • Final Quiz

    Production Engineers, technologists, people who are involved in Production Optimization. Specificaly people who want to gain more knowledge about ESP.

    Participants should have previous experience  with Artificial lift systems particularly with Electric Sumersible Pumps.

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