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    Electrical Protection Systems and Equipment

    An electrical power system is a vital element in any industrial operation. Regardless of how well the system is designed and built, freedom from equipment failure cannot be guaranteed.  A good protection system will minimize damage to the faulted equipment and system while maintaining service to the remaining system.

    This course has been designed to provide participants with an understanding of basics of electrical protection system. It will cover the operational characteristics of typical protection devices used in an industrial electrical system. Participants will also be introduced to protection systems for major electrical equipment such as generators, transformers, switchgears, and motors.  

    Upon completion of this course, participants should have a better understanding of the technology related to electrical protection systems within the oil and gas industry.  Having this knowledge will help each technician develop confidence and professional enthusiasm, therefore increasing their efficiency. The knowledge that technicians gained from this course will be further expanded by on-job training and practical experience they will receive throughout the duration of their career.

    Day 1

    Electrical Protection Basics - Introduction

    • Protection goals
    • System faults
    • Protection relays
    • Measurement transformers

    On the first day, participants will be introduced to basic protection philosophies. They will also learn about fault level calculations for short circuits and ground faults.  The operation of overcurrent devices and operation of directional relays will be covered. Use of Potential Transformers (PT) and Current Transformers (CT) in protection system will also be discussed.

    Day 2

    Electrical Protection Basics – Protection Schemes  

    • Equipment protection
    • Intertripping schemes
    • Routine inspection and testing

    On this day, typical protection schemes used to protect main components in a typical industrial power system such as generators, feeders, switchgear, transformers, motors, and capacitors will be explained.  The participants will be introduced to methods used to coordinate tripping, to isolate the faulted equipment, while maintain service to the unaffected parts of the system.  This day of the course will conclude with a discussion of routine inspection and testing associated with electrical protection system.

    This course is designed for electrical technicians, maintenance planners, and supervisors with operation and maintenance responsibilities who work in an industrial plant.

    Anyone taking this course should familiar with electrical installations in an industrial setting.

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