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Emergency and Crisis Management in the Offshore Oil & Gas Environment

This course covers the Assessment, Planning, Prevention, and Mitigation considerations for Major Consequence Events in the Offshore Drilling & Production realm.

The course is designed around the “threaded-scenario” of the Gulf of Mexico Macondo incident as an example of a catastrophic failure of a well-supported exploration well, in a regulated basin.  Threaded means the examples of Macondo are used in each topic to test the attendees’’ confidence in their own procedures, processes, and planning.

The course is heavily invested in participatory team work.  There are: 15 Content Modules; 13 Workshops; 10 Work Product Final Documents; 5 Videos; 3 Hypothetical Scenarios; and 2 Structured Class Discussions.

The course is most effective when the attendees all come from the same project, company, or joint venture.

Day 1
  • Introduction
  • Perspectives on Crises
  • Consequences of Disaster
  • Autopsy on Macondo: What are our risks?
  • The Crisis Management Plan
Day 2
  • Crisis Management Fundamentals
  • Risk: Recognition
  • Assessment
  • Prioritization and Prevention
Day 3
  • Crisis Prevention
  • Structural, Behavioral
  • Scenario Exercise
Day 4
  • Where do we stand on Crisis & Business Continuity Readiness?
  • Audit/Assessment
  • Culture
  • Scenario Final Test
  • What do we do now?
  • Structure, Training, Planning
Learning activity mix

Wellsite Team Supervisors, especially Offshore Installation Management,  through Corporate Executive Staff.

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