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    Emergency & Crisis Management in the Oil & Gas Sector - RILS

    • Course overview is based on Case Studies, Workshops, and Hypothetical Scenarios to teach participants the corporate systems and processes needed to achieve readiness for emergencies and crises.
    • The participants compare their own systems and documents to benchmarks and then run scenarios based on their insights into their systems.
    • The course is Team-Based and the value of the take-away work products is maximized if the members of a team are from a single company.  But the structure of the class does not require this.
    • 17 Workshops and class activities producing company-relevant work product
    • 3 Hypothetical Scenarios customized to the local oil & gas region
    • Several in-Class Discussion sessions
    • 7 Videos
    • 16 Journal Article and Technical Paper Handouts.
    • A Final Personal Action Plan for each Student, and Action Recommendations to the client companies.

    Day 1
    1. Personal Perspectives on Emergencies & Crises
    2. Normalization of Deviance
    3. Consequences of Catastrophe
    4. Perspectives on Crisis & Emergency Management
    5. Planning & Management Methodologies
    6. Potential for Disaster HERE!
    7. Compare & Contrast with the Benchmark Disasters

    Includes 2 Workshops

    Day 2
    1. Crisis Management Methodology
    2. Emergency Management Teams vs. Crisis Management Teams
    3. Risk Analysis
    4. Prevention of Low-Frequency / High Severity Incidents
    5. The Risk Register: What to put in; What to leave out.

    Includes 4 Workshops


    Day 3
    1. The Hierarchy of Risk Control
    2. Looking for the next Big One!
    3. Managing the Media

    Includes 4 Workshops

    Day 4
    1. U.S. BSEE, the Future of Oil & Gas Regulation?
    2. Behavioral Motivation

    Includes 4 Workshops

    Day 5
    1. Bowtie Analysis Techniques
    2. High Reliability Organizations, the Future of Oil & Gas HSE Management?
    3. DiSC Profile and the Value to Teamwork and Motivation Management

    Includes 3 Workshops (one is a "Final Exam" Workshop)

    Middle Management and Staff to Executive Management and Staff

    • Fundamental justification for emergency and crisis preparedness
    • Planning and Management Methodologies
    • Qualitative Risk Assessment
    • Crisis Management Methodologies
    • Prevention & Mitigation Control Methodologies
    • Media Management Issues
    • Risk Register Development
    • Corporate Development of HSE Culture
    • Behavioral Management of HSE
    • Bowtie Analysis Methodologies
    • The Concept of the High Reliability Organization

    3-5 years of oil & gas exploration & production experience, of any sort.

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