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    Emergency system and Electrical Components and Equipment

    This course will cover the theories and practical exercises of topics related to emergency power systems and batteries.  This course will also teach participants about the diagram of main and emergency systems, as well as emergency sources of power, emergency power supply, emergency requirements, and capacity requirements.

    By the end of this course, participants should have the ability to design emergency power systems, determine the consequences of electrical faults, and identify the principles of maintenance for UPS and batteries.

    Day 1

    Emergency Power Systems

    • Electrical power generation and distribution
    • Consequences of an electrical fault
    • Emergency power systems fundamentals 

    The first day of the course will begin with a discussion over power generation and distribution, followed by the consequences of  failures in power or electrical system. Participants will also be introduced to emergency power systems.                

    Day 2

    Emergency Power Requirements and System Design

    • Main emergency principles and designs
    • Emergency calculation methods
    • Safety requirements
    • Power system design

    Day two will cover the main emergency principles and designs, emergency requirements, and power system designs.  Participants will also learn about emergency power system design principles, schematics, along with the main components, calculation methods, and safety requirements.    

      Day 3

      Emergency Power System Design and Components

      • Power system design (continued)
      • Power system components
      • Power generation and distribution

      Participants will continue to learn about emergency power system design on this day.  Power system components sizing and selection will also be discussed.   The day will conclude with a discussion about power generation, power distribution, supply systems, and primary and secondary distribution systems.

        Day 4

        Emergency Generators and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) 

        • Electrical power generation
        • Emergency and standby power generation
        • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

        This day will introduce participants to the different types of emergency power generators.  Specific types to be discussed will include diesel engines, turbines, alternators, and steam turbines.  Participants will also learn about Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), inverters, rectifiers, and batteries.

          Day 5

          UPS (Continued) and Field Trip 

          • Maintenance principles of UPS
          • Applications and functions in oil and gas industry
          • Field trip

          On the last day, participants will continue the discussion of UPS equipment design and maintenance.  After, participants will then be taken on a field trip.

          Electrical Engineers

          A basic knowledge of electrical engineering.

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