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    Energy Careers in Transition RILS

    Energy Transition is here to stay and whereas it provides tremendous career opportunities to many, it also creates anxiety to those that are working in the Oil & Gas industry. We are at a pivot point when it comes to the worlds’ energy supply and more than ever it is important to take stock of our own skills and passions and calibrate career ambitions against the changing business realities.

    This virtual course will increase awareness of the multiple aspects that can impact career options both short and long term. The course consists of a combination of plenary lectures and group exercises in which the red thread will be to create and sharpen a Personal Development Plan (PDP). The last day of the course is for large part dedicated to presenting your PDP to the larger group for feedback and learnings.

    • Introduction
    • World Energy business environment 
    • Energy Transition opportunities
    • Competence frameworks and career paths
    • Soft skills and coveted behaviors

      • Giving and receiving feedback
      • Introduction to PDP exercise, preparation, group discussions and report out

      • Coaching and mentoring
      • Senior management encounters
      • Networking and personal preferences
      • Influencing strategies

        • Recruiting tools and your resume
        • Continuing with PDP exercise, preparation, group discussions and report out

        • Resourcing decisions in the business
        • PDP Souq
        • Course feedback and adjourn

        • PDP Exercise part 3: recording and presenting your SMART actions in your PDP 

        • PDP Exercise part 4 “Souq”: Presenting and finalizing your Personal Development Plan in plenary

        • PDP Exercise part 4 “Souq”: Presenting and finalizing your Personal Development Plan in plenary continued
        • Commit to actions
        • Course wrap up and feedback

        The course is designed for technical staff in their early- and mid-career (between 5 and 20 years’ experience) currently working in the Oil and Gas industry and needing to recalibrate their career direction.

        • World Energy business environment
        • Energy Transition opportunities
        • Oil and gas and the energy transition
        • Competency framework and career paths
        • Networking
        • Coaching and mentoring
        • Influencing strategies
        • Recruiting tools and the resume
        • Personal development plan

        For this course to be effective, participants need to have done some personal career reflections beforehand and gathered diverse feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. They also need to come with an open mindset, be receptive to feedback and be prepared to share their views with other participants.

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