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    Enterprise Resource Planning System for Materials Management

    Many multinational companies around the world are dealing with one of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ESP) System such as but are not limited to SAP, NetSuite ERP, Sage Intacct, Odoo, ECount ERP, application of  Maximo & Oracle,…etc.  These systems can support and simplify a variety of organizational activities including materials management, finance, plant maintenance, HR, etc., including their documentary cycle.

    Regardless of the ERP system, they share many similar functions.  Employees who make use of the systems  often have limited experience of ERP system and therefore limiting the capabilities of the use of the system.  Through this course participants will be exposed to all areas of an ERP system to enable them to improve the use and outputs from the systems to the benefit of their organizations.

    This course provides hands-on practice to understand the concept and functionality of an ERP system, using SAP as an example. Through interactive activities participants will be able to apply their new knowledge and skills to encourage expanded use of their organization's own ERP system. 

    • Introduction
    • Basic functionality of an ERP/ “SAP” as an example
    • Mastering data 

    • Service master management - services classification and service catalogues
    • Vendor management
    • Maintaining purchase information records

    • Materials inventory
    • Materials Requirements planning 
    • Warehouse management
    • Perform reversal movements
    • Produce materials movement documentation
    • Manage inventory reporting

    • Requisition management
    • Pre-award management and evaluation
    • Variety of other ERP functions

    • Award agreements and management
    • Processing of agreements
    • Approval process
    • Purchase orders and call offs 
    • Procurement Reporting

    • Material management employees who look after purchasing /procurement, requisition, customs, warehouse, stock control and inventory management.
    • Practitioners seeking professional knowledge for ERP in general

      • The main benefits of ERP system and related applications.
      • Use of an ERP system for materials management.
      • The documentary cycle and concepts of materials management within and outside of a ERP system.
      • Full range of functionality within an ERP systems, especially for MM main functions.
      • New and evolving concepts of ERP systems for materials management. 
      • The nature of interaction issues between systems.
      • How to implementing your organizational strategy, collaborating with your peer while building specific competencies for your carrier development.
      • Different activities involved with materials management.
      • How to conduct analysis of materials management transactions through an ERP system.
      • Use of SAP as it related to materials management. 

      No prerequisites needed, but exposure to an ERP system previously will be useful.

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