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    Environmental Topics Introduction: Air

    This course will introduce one of the environmental topics: Air. The main issues, along with mitigation and best practices be discussed as they pertain to sustainability.

    This course corresponds to one (1) module of the Sustainability Program which includes a total of five (5) modules. In addition, the module has a duration of 4Hrs and it is given by virtual Training Methodology  ( Remote Instructor Led Series- RILS).


    • Current Issues
    • Biogeochemical (anthropogenic nitrogen removed from atmosphere)
    • Green House Gas Effect and GHG Warming Potentials
    • Climate Change and History of Climate Change Initiatives
    • Particulate and Chemical Pollution
    • Venting, Fugitives and Flaring (combustion)

    Mitigation Options & Best Practices
    • Sampling, Metering and Monitoring Technologies
    • Pollution and Emission Control
    • Emissions Quantification
    • Policy and Regulations
    • CCUS
    • Hydrogen
    • Carbon Pricing and Carbon Markets

    Professionals who are interested to improve their knowledge in sustainability particularly  related with Air  

    • Overview
    • Current Issues
    • Mitigation Options & Best Practices 

    Course: "Sustainability Defined  (EG-SW0-NXT156990)"

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