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    Environmental Topics Introduction : Water

    This coursewill introduce one of the environmental topics: water. The main issues, alongwith

    mitigationand best practices will be discussed as they pertain to sustainability.

    This course corresponds to one (1) module of theSustainability Program which includes a total of five (5) modules. In addition,the module has a duration of 4Hrs and it is given by virtual TrainingMethodology  ( Remote Instructor LedSeries- RILS).


    • Overview


    • Current Issues

    -   Biogeochemical (anthropogenic phosphorus goinginto oceans)

    -   Ocean Acidification

    -   Freshwater Consumption

    -   Groundwater

    -   Water Quality and Pollution

    -   Water Energy Nexus

    -   Overfishing

     • Mitigation Options & Best Practices

    -   Water Reuse

    -   Water and Wastewater Treatment

    -   Industrial Water Treatment


    Everyone who is interested to gain additional information about sustainability  and particularly in Water


    • Overview

    • Current Issues

    • Mitigation Options & Best Practices




    Course 1- Sustainability Defined

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