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    EPC Project Management

    This course provides the knowledge and skills required to manage EPC projects. The project includes the EPC project lifecycle, phases and gates. The flow of engineering activities and interconnections between engineering disciplines are described. The role of engineering plays in procurement and procurement planning is outlined. The course also contains major construction management activities, tools and techniques to monitor and control project performance.

    • Pretest
    • Introduction of EPC. 
      • FEED- Front End Engineering Design
      • E-Detail Engineering phase
      • P-Procurement phase
      • C-Construction phase
    • Typical EPC control steps. 
    • EPC contractor evaluation. 
    • Parametric estimating.
    • Work Breakdown Structures
    • Earned Value Analysis
    • Procurement & Tender Documents
    • Project Initiation Phase
      • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Readiness & Endorsement
        • Basic design inputs
        • FEED to become the Basis of Design (BOD) for the EPC Contractors
        • Fixing FEED issues
        • FEED stage documents
        • Critical engineering studies
        • FEED documentations
      • Technical and commercial bids preparation & submissions
      • Contractors’ estimation
      • Project complexity
    • Exercises
    • Group discussion & Quiz

    • Project Planning Phase
      • Planning team (project management team-contractor and company)
        • Team competency gaps
      • Overall project planning package
      • Reliable data/information
      • Engineering & Design Deliverables Submission & Approval
      • Comprehensive RACI matrix
      • Resource estimation
      • Project Control & Scheduling.
    • Exercises
    • Group discussion & Quiz

    • Project Execution Phase
      • Engineering/Design issues and change (Errors, variations)
      • Management of Change (MOC)
      • Project execution plan
      • Cashflow
      • Construction implementation failures
      • HSE violations and accidents
      • SIMOPS
      • Construction Safety.
    • Exercises
    • Group discussion & Quiz

    • Project Monitoring & Control Phase
      • Project monitoring and control
        • Project tasks, budget, schedule update
      • Interface management & communication
        • Effective interface principles and practices
        • Communication and alignment between contractor and project stakeholders
        • Technical interface
        • Communication channels
        • Project conflict handling
      • Quality control
        • Codes and standards
        • Quality control framework
        • Project acceptance procedure
      • Change management
        • Change management principle
        • Tools and techniques.
    • Exercises
    • Group discussion & Quiz

    • Risk and Design Assurance Framework
      • Project risk identification, analysis, and mitigation overview
      • Risk and Design Assurance Framework
        • Type of risk and design assurance reviews.
        • Key focus of each review.
        • Manage the risk review teams and stakeholders
        • Risk review timelines.
    • Project Close-out Phase
      • Feedstock for commissioning and startup activities
      • Completion of as-built activities
      • Demobilization of the project management team
      • Project close-out report
      • Variation’s resolution
      • Provisional acceptance certificate issuance
      • Lesson learned and best practices
      • Safety management.
    • Exercises
    • Group discussion & Quiz
    • Post Test

    • People interested in or involved in projects.
    • People look for guidance to improve their project performance.
    • People look for practical solutions

    • EPC project execution phases and processes
    • Framework for EPC projects
    • Importance, main functions and interaction between engineering, procurement, and construction phases.
    • Risk and Design Assurance Framework to identify and mitigate risks.
    • time and cost management.
    • Quality control components and project acceptance procedures.
    • Change management process.

    Project experience will facilitate a better understanding.

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