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    Ergonomics In Workplace (External Client Course- Accredited)

    A lecture/seminar course on the application ofknowledge about human capabilities and limitations to the design of workplaces,work methods and jobs for optimal safety, efficiency, productivity and comfort.Topics include: systems design and task analysis, muscle use and anthropometry,workspace design, activity-related soft tissue disorders, back injuries,shift work, organizational and psychosocial aspects of work, skilled work andmental activity and regulations in ergonomics.

    Training available in English and Arabic

    •OSHAStandard #29 CFR 1910.900
    •What'sthe Ergonomic
    • WorkstationDesign
    •Chair,Monitor, Keyboard, PointingDevices, Wrist Support, Copy Holder,Lights
    •Resultsof Poor Ergonomic Design
    •MuscularSkeletal Disorders
    •CarpalTunnel Syndrome
    • EngineeringControls

    A course designed for any individuals seeking initial or refresher certification to meet OSHA regulatory requirements for the prevention of Ergonomic.

    •OSHA Standard # 29 CFR 1910.900
    •What's the Ergonomic
    • Workstation Design
    •Chair, Monitor, Keyboard, Pointing Devices, Wrist Support, Copy Holder, Lights
    •Results of Poor Ergonomic Design
    •Why Ergonomics?
    •Muscular Skeletal Disorders
    •Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    •Risk Factors
    •Control Measures
    • Engineering Controls

    Basic understand of health, safety and environment issues.

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