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    eSearch Administration

    In this course, you will learn how to administer and manage the eSearch application server and data model. You will explore how to perform advanced administration workflows and system configuration including data modeling, reference lists creation, attachment storage manipulation, user and security profile creation and management.

    You will discover how to achieve external search configuration, produce system reports, perform language customization and use the administration toolkit.

    Optional modules are offered for the following topics:

    • Retention (disposal) policies configuration and management
    • External integration (e.g. ProSource)

    Professionals involved in IT Software Application and Database Management, Database Administrators, Data Managers.

    • Organizational structure and the data model creation process
    • Configuration settings for a new customer, including customer branding, reference lists, preferences and other miscellaneous parameters
    • Security model requirements and functional components, including users, security profiles, LDAP, Active Directory integration and row level security
    • Web administration functionalities including attachment storage and external search (launch web in context) configurations
    • Built-in system reports and the Administration toolkit utility to monitor and administer the system
    • Retention policies and events management
    • External integration (ProSource, ProSource Data Service)

    eSearch Intermediate course (recommended)

    General knowledge and work experience in IT and Database Management and Administration

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