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    Essential Negotiation skills RILS

    This course introduces the concepts of negotiation and the skills needed for successful outcomes from negotiations.  By practicing the skills needed whilst in preparation and during the negotiations participants will have experience of what successful negotiations look like so that they feel confident returning to the workplace and creating win-win negotiation outcomes.   

    Introduction to Negotiation
     • Concepts
     • Terminology
     • Styles

    Preparations for negotiation


    o Intent

    o Proactiveness

    o Visualization of negotiations

    Rapport Building

    o Understanding

    o Connections


    During negotiations

    Starting the negotiations

    o Different cultural negotiation behaviors 

    o The importance of starting right

    o Presentation

    Emotional intelligence

    o Self-awareness

    o Situation awareness

    o Tactical Empathy

    Spoken and Nonverbal communications 

    o Powerful language

    o ‘No’ and what that means 

    o Active Listening – under the other side

    o Body Language

    o Mirroring

    o Different cultural negotiation behaviors 


    o Objectives

    o Persuasion 

    o Leverage – who has the power

    o Critical thinking

    o Value

    o Confidence

    o Conflict

    o The unknown unknowns

    o Creativity for win-win solutions


    o Ability to walk away

    o Next steps – getting an action plan

    o Follow up

    • Putting it all together

    Anyone who is involved in formal negotiations or those who wish to improve their negotiation skills for every day life, both in and outside of the workplace.

    • Introduction to negotiation concepts and term
    • Preparations needed for successful negotiations
      • Knowledge
      • Rapport building
      • Practice
    • Skills used during the negotiations
      • Starting the negotiations
      • Emotional Intelligence
      • Spoken and non verbal communications
      • Bargaining
    • Closing the negotiations

    No prior skills needed.

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