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    Exploring Data With Python

    The Exploring Data course leverages the Python ecosystem to explore data quantitatively and visually.
    Recommended to take Fundamentals of Python course prior. By the end of this course you will feel
    comfortable loading and manipulating data with Jupyter and Pandas.

    The instructor:

    Matt Harrison has been using Python since they had to sneak it under the VP's noses. As it has progressed to become a dominant platform for startups and large enterprise's alike, he has continued to wield it.. Working in a breadth of fields from Search, Open Source, Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, and Backend Systems.

    He is the author of Machine Learning Pocket Reference, and best selling Illustrated Guide to Python 3, and Learning the Pandas Library, as well as other books.

        • Jupyter
        • Series
        • Data Frame
        • Ingesting Data
        • Serializing Data
        • Inspecting Data

        • Tweaking Data
        • Summary Statistics
        • Plotting
        • Filtering

        • Dealing w/ Missing Data
        • Grouping & Pivoting
        • Joining Data
        • Timeseries

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