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    Facilities and Operations in Field Development Planning

    This course will introduce the trainee to the field development plan (FDP) and asset management life cycle. It provides an overview of how Facilities and Operations fits into FDP development.

    The course starts from the key development phases in FDP. Then followed with a Surface Facilities overview, which covers the objectives, the functionality, typical processing of the Surface Facilities, facility concept design key considerations, and the different class of Codes and Standards.

    Furthermore, it introduced the sub-systems and unit operations under Surface Facilities domain. Furthermore, it covers the Utility Systems, Plant Layout, and operations readiness.

    Another main area covers in this course is Engineering Assurance and Process Safety in Surface Facilities development.

    Finally it covers the deliverables and documentation required for Surface Facilities in the FDP.

    Examples and exercise are provided to ensure the trainee fully capture the course content.

    • Introduction
    • Facility Overview
      • Definition of Surface Facilities
      • Functionality of a facility
      • Typical Processing Facility
      • Key Facility Concept Design Considerations
      • Codes and Standards
    • Facility Unit Operations
      • Gathering
      • Flow Assurance
      • Pigging Systems
      • Separation
      • Oil Treatment
      • Gas Treatment

    • Water Treatment & Injection
      • Sand Management
      • Metering
      • Communication & Control
      • Shutdown & Protection System
      • Flare & Relief System
    • Utilities
      • Power
      • Fuel – Gas/Diesel
      • Air/Nitrogen
      • Water Utility/Cooling/Fire
      • Drainage
    • Plant Layout
    • Operations

    • Engineering Process
    • Engineering Assurance and Process Safety
    • Documentation
    • Group Presentation

    This class is applicable to Entry level and junior operation engineers, facilities engineers, design engineers ,production engineers, reservoir engineers, and geophysics and geology engineers.

    • Surface Facilities overview.
    • Unit operations under Surface Facilities.
    • Utility systems
    • Plant layout
    • Operations readiness
    • Engineering Assurance and Process Safety
    • Documentation
    • Engineering Process

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