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    Facilities Foundations

    This course will provide participants advanced production fluid behavior, conditioning, and processing from the wellhead to custody transfer. The participants will learn oilfield production handling at the surface, the treatment equipment, and the processes.

    Natural gas and oil physics characteristics, gathering system, separation, treatment, pigging, transportation, measurements, rotating equipment, vessel and piping design, and operations will all be covered to enhance operational efficiencies.

    Participants will learn how to design and operate the surface facilities production equipment and processes through daily exercises.

    • Oil production and processing Overview
    • Production Systems, Fluid Properties, and Hydrocarbon Properties o Production system analysis
    • Oilfield fluids
    • Hydrocarbon properties exercise
    • Wellhead and equipment
    • Gathering systems
    • Production manifolds
    • Flow line characteristics
    • Gathering systems
    • Flow of fluids
      • Single phase flow
      • Multiphase flow

    • Oil Treatment
      • VLE and thermodynamic principles
      • Two phase separator (horizontal and vertical separator)
      • Three phase separators (horizontal and vertical separator)
      • Separator internals
      • Design
      • Variables to measure and monitor
      • Variables affecting the separation
      • Separation operation troubleshooting
      • Failure of coalescing devices to function properly so that one or both liquid streams contain an excessive quantity of the other liquid.
      • Separation system problems

    • Oil Treatment
      • Oil Dehydration
      • Desalting
      • Sweetening and stabilization
      • Heat exchangers
      • Storage tanks
      • Exercises

    • Water treatment
      • Main Treatment
        • Principles and process
        • Specifications
        • Equipment’s
        • Design
        • Performance factors
        • Troubleshooting process
        • Types & Applications
      • Polishing
        • Design
        • Performance factors
      • Chemicals
    • Metering system
      • Metering o Standards
      • Dynamic Measurement
      • Static measurement
      • Meter types
      • Design, Configuration, Installation and use
      • Metering troubleshooting
      • Back allocation and reconciliation

    • Pumps
      • Pump fundamentals
      • Main use in the oil industry
      • Selection guide
      • Pumps operation and troubleshooting
    • Compressors
      • Principles of the compression system.
      • Thermodynamic compression paths
      • Compressor types
      • Compressor Selection, control and operations
    • Steam Generation System
      • Water quality
      • Effect of water quality in steam generation
      • Steam properties
      • Steam system design
      • Steam generation equipment operations
      • Steam specification and quality
      • Operation and Troubleshooting
      • Monitoring system

    Surface Facilities Engineers. Production Operation Engineers

    • Production Systems, Fluid Properties, and Hydrocarbon Properties o Production system analysis
    • Hydrocarbon properties
    • Gathering systems
    • Flow of fluids
    • Oil Treatment
    • Water treatment
    • Metering system
    • Pumps
    • Compressors
    • Steam Generation System

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