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    Fire Warden

    Course description

    • This training covers a variety of areas including; legislation, causes of fire, fire prevention, fire evacuation procedures, extinguisher use, safety features, emergency procedures, roles and responsibilities, fire assembly, and managing people under pressure.
    • Classroom - Listening and contributing to discussions and exercises (group Discussions and workshops)
    • Written Assessment
    • Practical demonstration and assessment 
    • Understand the role and duties of a Fire Warden
    • Identify fire hazards in the workplace
    • Understand the evacuation procedure
    • Guide employees during an evacuation or drill
    • Conduct basic inspections of fire equipment
    • Understand the importance of records and reporting
    Pass requirements
    • 70%
    • English, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Tamil, Arabic

    • Introduction and Registration.
    • Aim and Objectives.
    • The Role of the Fire Warden.
    • Duties of a Fire Warden.
    • Action To Take In The Event of Fire.
    • Evacuation Procedure.
    • Break.
    • Liaison with Internal Departments.
    • The Assembly Point.
    • Checking Escape Routes Fire inspections.
    • Checking the Fire Alarm System.
    • Checking Fire Extinguishers.
    • Checking Automatic Installations.
    • Fire Hazards.
    • Recording and Reporting.
    • Fire Drills.
    • Written Assessment.
    • Assessment result declaration and certificate distribution to successful learners.

    • The course is designed for people with responsibility for fire safety - fire wardens and fire marshals, as well as line managers, supervisors, and safety representatives.

    • Aim and Objectives.
    • The Role of the Fire Warden
    • Duties of a Fire Warden
    • Action To Take In The Event of Fire
    • Evacuation Procedure
    • Liaison with Internal Departments 
    • The Assembly Point
    • Checking Escape Routes Fire inspections
    • Checking the Fire Alarm System
    • Checking Fire Extinguishers
    • Checking Automatic Installations
    • Fire Hazards
    • Recording and Reporting 
    • Fire Drills

    • No prerequisites.

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