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    First Level Leadership

    An introduction to leadership and the challenges that face new leaders.  As well as looking at essential leadership skills, it also considers how to manage a virtual workforce in the 21st Century.

    This is a modular course which can delivered in full, or stand-alone modules can be chosen.

    Module 1

    Team culture, values and working with people

    Maintaining standards with clarity of roles and responsibilities to engage and motivate others.

    Module 2

    Consistent and effective appraisals. 

    Getting the best from the right people, at the right time on the right tasks. Retention and attention.

    Module 3

    Adapting leadership styles and responding to change. 

    Flexing and proactive management of others in a rapidly changing world.

    Module 4

     Driving Continuous improvement 

    A consistent and thorough process for development and sustained improvement for any topic/project with a contract of commitment - action points in working with others

    Module 5

     Dealing with change and how to transition more smoothly. 

    Resilience for improved work/life - dealing with and responding to the rapidly changing world

    Module 6

    Boosting energy and improving effectiveness

    Challenge your stereotype. Be more aware and improve blind spots and the effect your ‘less conscious’ energy may have on others. Enhance interpersonal effectiveness with your opposite energy.

    Module 7

     Managing the virtual workforce in 21st Century

    Graduates, new hires, and those starting their first leadership position.

    • Team culture, values and working with people
    • Consistent and effective appraisals
    • Adapting leadership styles and responding to change
    • Driving Continuous improvement 
    • Dealing with change 
    • Boosting  energy and improving effectiveness
    • Managing the virtual workforce in 21st Century


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