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    Forklift Inspection & Maintenance

    Course Objective

    • To familiarize personnel with their responsibilities during the Inspection of Forklift, and to develop the trainee’s skill and knowledge of forklift operations to the Health & Safety Commissions Approved Code of Practice and Supplementary Guidance intended for those requiring training and certification to a basic standard.
    The following points shall be discussed in the course:
    • Walk around inspection/review of Mfg. I.D.plate.
    • Reporting of maintenance deficiencies to supervisory personnel.
    • Seat Belt usage.
    • Starting the vehicle, checking horns, lights, lift capacity, etc.
    • Backing of loaded/unloaded vehicle.
    • Lifting of palletized and non-palletized items.
    • Stacking of pallets.
    • Movement of vehicles in tight areas.
    • Adjustment of forks.
    • Satisfying the instructor that the trainee has basic familiarity and confidence in the safe operation of the vehicle.
    • Classroom with Theoretical and Practical Implementation.

    Day 1
    Session 1 – Introduction.

    • Equipment anatomy and inspections
    • Stability of forklifts
    • Safe Operations
    Session 2 – Introduction - Continued
    • Six Most Common Hazards
    • Types of Forklifts
    • Attachments
    Session 3 - Introduction - Continued
    • Training Requirements
    • Pre-shift Inspections
    • Monthly and Yearly Inspections
    • Load Tests

    Day 2

    Session 4 - Components and Anatomy  

    • Operator’s Manual & Warning Labels
    • Engine Check
    • Battery Hazards & Care
    Session 5 - Components and Anatomy - Continued
    • Forklift Chassis
    • Mast & Forks
    • Operator’s Compartment
    Session 6 - Stability and Capacity
    • Center of Gravity
    • Stability Triangle

    Day 3

    Session 7 - Stability and Capacity - Continued

    • Stability Pyramid
    • Dynamic Conditions
    Session 8 - Forklift Hazards
    • Struck by Forklift
    • Hit by Falling Load
    • Tip-Over
    Session 9 - Forklift Hazards - Continued
    • Elevating Personnel
    • Ran Off Dock
    • Maintenance Related

    Day 4

    Session 10 - Safe Operation

    • Stability Pyramid
    • Dynamic Conditions
    • Parking the Forklift
    Session 11 - Safe Operation - Continued
    • Operating the Forklift
    • Working around Pedestrians
    • Safe Load Handling
    Session 9 - Safe Operation - Continued
    • Traveling with a Load
    • Elevating Personnel
    • Loading & Unloading Trailers

    Forklift Operators & Maintenance technicians.

    • Overview of Forklift Safety.
    • Vehicle Inspection prior to operation.
    • Set up and equipment prior to lifting and movement.
    • Traveling with and without a load.
    • Pallets and stacking.
    • Loading and unloading.
    • Travel in uncommon circumstances.
    • Reporting maintenance problems.
    • Backing.
    • Seat Belt Usage.
    • Successful completion of written test.
    • Successful demonstration of proficiency with the vehicle under simulated driving conditions.


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