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    Formation Damage and Acidizing - RILS

    This 5 days course discusses the more common mechanisms of formation damage and their mitigation by matrix acidizing techniques in sandstones and carbonates. Alternatively to acidizing, it is also discussed the technique of perforating to decrease fluids velocity at wellbore and reduce turbulence and drag.

    The course overviews the chemistry of reactions between acids and rock minerals, the purpose of acid additives and the design of matrix treatments n sandstones and carbonates. Acid Fracturing in carbonates is also visited. Numerous exercises illustrate the application of these techniques and enforce the engagement of Participants. A first day quiz enables the Instructor the steer the course to the proficiency level of the Participants, finding the best approach, and a last day quiz estimates progress.

    This is Remote Instructor Led Series course (RILS) delivered during 5 days, 6 hours per day.

    Introduction to Damage and Skin

    • Introduction
    • 1st day quiz
    • Damage and Skin
    • Completion Effects on Formation Damage
    • Matrix Stimulation or Perforating?

    After an Introduction explaining the objectives of the course, Participants perform a 1st day quiz, to enable the Instructor to select the best approach to the course, and discuss the relation between formation damage mechanisms (and pseudo damages) and their impact in the well production. Alternatively to matrix stimulation is also discussed possible increase of wellbore flow area (perforating) to reduce turbulence and drag.

    Formation Damage Diagnosis

    • Problem Diagnosis and Well Intervention

    During the second day of the course, Participants discuss the possible causes for wellbore production restrictions and types of interventions for mitigation.

    Acid Chemistry and Additives

    • Acidizing Overview
    • Acid Chemistry
    • Acid Additives
    During the third day, Participants discuss the chemical aspect of Acid Stimulation and the purpose of Acidizing Additives. 

    Acidizing Design

    • Sandstone Acid Design
    • Carbonate Acidizing

    On the forth day of the course, Participants are exposed to the design of matrix stimulations in sandstones and carbonates.

    Execution and Evaluation of Matrix Treatments

    • Acid Placement and Diversion
    • Acid Fracturing
    • Monitoring, Execution and Evaluation
    • Last Day Quiz

    The last day of the course is dedicated to the Execution and Evaluation of Acid Treatment and, additionally, basic concepts of Acid Fracturing.

    A last day quiz, is used to measure progress.

    Reservoir and Production Engineers and any professional related to Well Surveillance and Production Optimization.

    Exposure to well construction and interventions and general knowledge of basic concepts reservoir and production engineering.

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