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    Formation Pressure Evaluation: Acquisition and Interpretation

    This is a course designed to address all topics relating to formation pressure evaluation. The course will cover pressure measurements in open hole during the initial drilling phase of the well, and will then cover formation pressure measurements during the life of the field.

    Uneven depletion caused by production and variations in the productivity index of the various layers will result uneven pressure variations and consequently fluid cross flow- this will also be addressed in details.  Variations in formation pressure between the various zones is important in optimising production and increasing recovery.

    Fluid sampling and analysis is closely linked to formation pressure measurements. This will be covered in some details and wellsite PVT analysis will also be covered.

    The course will cover the following topics:

    • Overview of open hole data acquisition.
    • Formation Pressure measurements in open hole using Wireline Formation Testing (WFT).
    • Formation Pressure with Logging While Drilling.
    • Cased Hole Dynamics Tester (CHDT): Sampling and Pressure measurements in Cased Hole.
    • Fluid sampling and wellsite PVT analysis
    • Production Logging to estimate layer-by-layer pressure and estimate cross-flow
    • Overview of well testing


    Day 1
    • Overview of open hole logging
    • Parameters affecting invasion profiles
    • Depth Control
    • Porosity and lithology
    • Resistivity measurements
    • Computing porosity, volume of shale and water saturation

    1 hour workshop on open hole interpretations

    Day 2
    • Pressure measurements in Open Hole
    • Well Head Pressure 
    • Wireline Formation Testing: Overview
    • Modular Dynamic Tester: hardware and applications:
      • Tools and hardware functionalities
      • MDT run with standard logging tools
      • MDT used to estimate zone permeability
      • MDT pressure gradient analysis

    1 hour workshop on WFT pressure gradient analysis

    Day 3
    • Modular Dynamic Tester: Hardware and applications- continues:
      • Formation supercharging.
      • MDT Sampling.
      • MDT Optical spectroscopy.
      • Saturn-4 : Modern WFT tools.
    • Workshop on WFT  sampling and supercharging.


    Day 4
    • Modular Dynamic Tester: hardware and applications - continues:
      • MDT applications in depleted reservoirs
    • Sampling and pressure monitoring behind casing
    • Pressure measurements with the LWD during Drilling
    • PVT Express: Wellsite fluid PVT analysis

    1 hour workshop on WFT in depleted reservoirs

    Day 5
    • Production Logging Overview
    • Production logging in depleted reservoir
    • Estimating PI and Pr (layer pressure) for each zone
    • Estimating uneven pressure variations and volume of cross-flow
    • Well Testing and its applications:
      • Estimating Permeability thickness
      • Reservoir pressure
      • Skin values

    1 hour workshop on production logging and Well Testing

    The course focuses on measurement of formation pressure and its variation with time, fluid sampling and fluid analysis. Reservoir engineers, production engineers and petrophysicists, at all levels of experience,  will find this course very useful with direct applications to their operations. The course will also be very beneficial to newcomers to the oil and gas industry- no prior knowledge of formation pressure and fluid type are necessary.

    Basic knowledge of petroleum geology, drilling and petrophysics

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