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    Formation Testing: Wireline and LWD

    This five day course will consist of theoretical and practical classroom session with the last day of the course being devoted to Wireline, Logging While Drilling (LWD), and Pressure Volume Temperature (PVT) lab to see Formation Testing (FT) tools and PVT lab facilities/experiments.  This course will also include all FT applications, including pressure surveys, gradient analysis, sampling and downhole fluid analysis, FT pressure transients, and FT In-Situ Stress testing.

    Experience professionals will provide participants with presentations of tools, operations, and the latest interpretation advances.  The participants will also have various practical exposure sessions with real data and InSituPro software.  The class will be 50% classroom learning and 50% practical application with exercises, including visits to Wireline, LWD, and PVT laboratories.

    Day 1

    InSituPro Software and Well Pressure Testing 

    • Reservoir Engineering Fundamentals
    • InSituPro software        
    • Wireline Formation Testing (WFT) tools and hardware
    • Pretesting and Pressure Gradient Analysis
    • Pressure Transient Interpretation
    • Interval Pressure Transition Testing (IPTT) with MDT

    On day one participants will be introduced to the InSituPro software and will install it on their computer for use throughout the class.  WFT tools and hardware will be discussed along with pretesting and pressure gradient analysis.  Interval Pressure Transition Testing or IPTT with MDT will also be covered.

    Day 2

    IPTT and Downhole Fluid Analysis 

    • IPTT continued
    • Optical Spectroscopy, Sampling Downhole Fluid Analysis, and H2S
    • Advanced Downhole Fluid Analysis and reservoir characterization

    Day two will begin with the continued discussion of IPTT.  Optical spectroscopy, and sampling downhole fluid analysis, and H2S (LFA, CFA, IFA, density, viscosity, pH and applications, focused sampling) will be covered as well.  The day will end with a discussion on advanced downhole fluid analysis and reservoir characterization.

    Day 3

    LWD, CHDT, and In-Situ Stress Testing with MDT 

    • LWD Formation Testing
    • Sampling and Fluid Analysis while Drilling (LWD)
    • FT in Cased Hole (CHDT)
    • In-Situ Stress Testing with MDT

    On this day, participants will learn about LWD formation testing (StethoScope).  They will also learn about sampling and fluid analysis while drilling.  FT in cased hole (CHDT) and In-Situ Stress Testing with MDT will also be covered on this day.

    Day 4

    Pressure Testing and Application

    • In-Situ Stress Testing with OHDT
    • Efficient Pressure Testing Surveys and HPHT
    • Practical Considerations and Novel Applications

    Day four of the course will cover In-Situ Stress Testing with OHDT.  Other topics that will be discussed include efficient pressure testing surveys and HPHT (Saturn, XPT, HXPT, MDT Forte and MDT Forte-HT).  Practical consideration and novel applications (Conveyance, sticking, EOR) will also be covered.

    Day 5

    Visits and Review 

    • Hands on exercises
    • Laboratory visits
    • Course review and evaluation

    The last day will enable the participants to get acquainted with the actual tools, various modules, and equipment. Visits will be conducted to the nearest SLB facilities or SLB training centers where tools will be displayed. At the SLB Wireline base, MDT Technology will be demonstrated including the various modules. At the Drilling & Measurement base, the participant will be able to review the latest formation testing technology on LWD and be acquainted with LWD tools maintenance. If a SLB PVT facility is available in the area, a visit to the PVT lab will show how to characterize reservoir fluid properties. At the end of the day, a round table will be conducted to review the class for improvement and a class evaluation will be conducted.

    Reservoir engineers, Geoscientists, Operations Geologists, well log witnesses with little or no prior knowledge of formation testing services.

    A familiarity with the basics of reservoir engineering and formation evaluation concepts.

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