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    From Basic Presentations to Delivering Effective Technical Presentations

    This course takes participants from understanding the fundamentals of presentations and public speaking, to giving memorable technical or complex presentations. 

    This is a holistic course, covering the necessary communication skills that make for a good public speaker and presenter, but also the best practices for content and delivery so that a speech or presentation is well received.   

    Daily practice by the participants, and other interactive activities, give participants many opportunities to improve and polish their presentations and feel more comfortable in presenting to colleagues and others, alike.

    Day 1 - Introduction to public speaking and presenting

    Introduction to public speaking and presentations

    Elements of presenting

    Contemporary public speaking and talks

    Participants first presentations

    Skills of great speakers and presenters

    Day 2 - Preparing for a presentation or talk

    Deciding on the content

    Designing a presentation

    Graphically representing your content 

    Managing the stress of preparing 

    Practicing presentations

    Day 3 - Delivering a presentation or talk

    Public speaking elements

    Verbal and non-verbal communications

    Practicalities of presenting

    Preparing for a ‘PIM’ talk – Polished, Interactive and Memorable

    Managing presentation stressors

    Impromptu presentations

    Day 4 - Feedback and Interaction

    Participants ‘PIM’ Talks

    Feedback and interaction

    Handling questions

    Reacting to negative reception

    Day 5 - Next Level Presenting

    Participants’ final presentations

    360 Presentation Feedback

    Reflections on improving skills

    People who are new to giving presentations, to those who are looking to improve their presentations and public speaking for more effective talks and presentations.

    • Introduction to public speaking and presenting
    • Preparing for a presentation or talk
    • Delivering a presentation or talk
    • Feedback and Interaction
    • Next Level Presenting

    No prerequisites

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