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    FrontSim Streamline Reservoir Simulation

    The FrontSim streamline reservoir simulator is a three-phase, 3D simulator that models multiphase fluid flow along streamlines. It supports both geological model screening and pattern flood management. This course is designed to introduce the basics of streamline simulation, including streamlines, the time of flight, and the unique properties of streamlines and the key functionalities of FrontSim. It also will help you to develop FrontSim application skills.

    Examples and exercises are used to show how FrontSim works for streamline reservoir simulations. You can visualize the dominant flow paths and depict fluid flow behavior within complex geology, then transfer this knowledge into Eclipse for more reliable models and better predictive power. This course emphasizes the use of the software rather than the methodology of simulation studies

    Reservoir engineers, geoscientists, and other technically trained individuals introduced in reservoir engineering and reservoir simulation using Eclipse Blackoil who are interested in learning reservoir simulation using Eclipse FrontSim streamline simulator

    • Introduction
    • FrontSim Fundamentals
    • Front-Tracking and Tracer Simulation
    • Compressibility and Changing Streamlines
    • Finite Difference and Saturation Solvers
    • Gravity and Segregation
    • Pressures Grids and Velocity Fields
    • Fluids, Rocks and Model Initialization
    • End Point Scaling
    • 3-Phase Black Oil Models
    • Aquifers, Wells, and History Matching
    • Forecasts and Waterflood Optimization

    Reservoir engineering background and completion of the Eclipse Applied Reservoir Simulation Fundamentals

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