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    Fuel Gas System-RILS

    This is an online version of Fuel Gas System OM-TC2-NXT20100 classroom course

    It is divided into 4 modules. Each module should take approximately 4 hours.

    Each module contains short quizzes, exercises and videos

    Participants in this course will gain an understanding of fuel gas systems used in oil and gas production facilities.  The fuel gas system supplies treated, dry, gaseous fuel for various fired equipment applications within the plant or platform.  The gas can come from a natural gas supply line, off gas from various processes, or a blend of both.  Fuel gas is also used to provide blanket gas to vessels and to supply gas to the pilots on the flare stack.

    A fuel gas system is designed to treat gas in order to meet the requirements of the low-pressure equipment such as gas turbine generator, glycol regenerator system, compressor package, purging, and produced water flotation unit.  Participants will learn specifics of a well-designed fuel gas system and how it should remove the offending contamination, ensuring that it is free of liquid and solids and provides the necessary superheating of the fuel gas.

    This course will provide participants with an understanding of fuel gas system types, safe operation, monitoring, control, and plant safety management requirements found in the oil and gas industry.

    • Minimum Data Required for Basic Design
    • Fuel Gas Properties
    • Fuel gas basic calculation
    • Fuel gas efficiency (case study for direct fired heater) 
    • Shut-Off Systems
    • Flow diagram, P&ID’s, and types of fuel gas systems
    • Group discussion &Quiz

    • Codes and standards
    • Fuel gas system components and pressures
    • Fuel gas metering
    • Fuel gas pipe sizing
    • Maintenance and inspection
    • Pipe materials
    • Pressure testing
    • Fuel gas system starts up and shut down

    • Fuel gas protections system
    • Fuel gas ESD and over pressure protection
    • Process control and monitoring systems
    • Case study fired heaters fuel system
    • Burner management system
    • Fired equipment safety

    • Identification of fired equipment hazards
    • Gas H2S, fire, and explosion concern
    • Case study
    • Fuel gas filters and iron sulfide hazards
    • Gas detection and alarm, type , and distribution
    • Isolation and response system 
    • API 556 instrumentation, control and protective systems for gas fired equipment
    • API 560 for fired equipment
    • NFPA 54, National Fuel Gas Code

    This course is mainly targeted to process Engineers, technicians and technologists, and maintenance personnel. 

    Flow diagram, P&ID’s, and types of fuel gas systems

    Process control and monitoring systems

    Maintenance and inspection

    H2S, fire, and explosion concerns

    Gas detection and alarms

    Isolation and response systems

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