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    Fundamental Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) for Managers

    This awareness courseis intended to familiarize Management Personnel from O&G Companies, energy companies NEC,IEC, technology companies and regulatory entities about CarbonCapture and Sequestration (CCS).This course includes aspects associated with: globaloutlook for the CCS, the integrated workflows applicable for CCS projects, maintechnologies, associated with CCS, key considerations for well construction(drilling & completion),  ProjectManagement,  Project Economics and some casestudies. This course will be provided via Virtual Training. 

    ·        Worldwide CCS status and outlook

    ·        Environment, Sustainability and Governability“ESG” for CCS

    ·        The Integrated CCS evaluation workflow

    ·        Subsurface characterization for CCS

    ·        Key aspects of 4D coupled dynamicsimulation

    ·        Well Construction for CCS

    ·        CO2 injection for Enhanced OilRecovery EOR

    ·        Surface production facilities for CCS

    ·        Project Management / Project Economics for CCS

    ·        Case studies for CCS

    The course is designed for senior and top managers in the organization who are interested to  improve their knowledge about  CCS projects.

    ·         Worldwide CCS status and outlook

    ·         Environment, Sustainability and Governability “ESG” for CCS

    ·         The Integrated CCS evaluation workflow

    ·         Subsurface characterization for CCS

    ·         Key aspects of 4D coupled dynamic simulation

    ·         Well Construction for CCS

    ·         CO2 injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery EOR

    ·         Surface production facilities for CCS

    ·         Project Management / Project Economics for CCS

    ·         Case studies for CCS


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