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    Fundamentals for Sustainable Energy Projects

    A Framework for Project Development in the Sustainable Energy Sector, in an environment of BEPTC (Baseline, Economics, Policy, Technology, Consensus), to manage the development of renewable energy generation projects and lead the industry transformation into Energy Efficiency, supported by Technology and evaluate the resources and approach the Sustainable Energy Projects from the resources and stakeholders.

    By the end of the course, the participants will:

    • Develop the framework to manage projects in Sustainable energy environment through the fundamental knowledge of natural resources.
    • Evaluate the performance of Sustainable resources and the impact in Projects and Circular Economy.
    • Differentiate the stakeholders and resources for Sustainable Energy Projects among Traditional and Fossil energy projects.
    • Guide, facilitate, and train everyone involved in the projects and Industry to work under Energy Efficiency supported by IT/Technology.
    • Generate efficient proposals to improve the use of more than one renewable resource to mitigate natural damage and make a balance in Sustainable Energy Projects.

    Introduction to Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy Projects

    1. Overview of sustainable and renewable energy sources.
    2. What is energy and fossil resource?
    3. What is Green Energy?
    4. Fundamentals of comfort and energy

    Fundamentals of Solar Energy and application for Sustainable Energy

    1. Radiation and radiative fundamentals
    2. Trigeneration of energy projects from solar source
    3. Estimate of solar radiation.
    4. Introduction to Photovoltaic System and its components.

    Fundamentals for Wind energy and application for Sustainable Energy

    1. Classify types of winds, turbines, and power transformation
    2. Electricity production from wind turbines
    3. Wind power application.

    Fundamentals for Hydropower, Ocean, and Geothermal Energy for Sustainable Energy

    1. Introduction to Hydroelectric power plant
              1. Turbines
              2. Run-of-River plants.
              3. Waterwheels
    2. Introduction to Ocean Energy
              1. Wave energy
              2. Tidal Energy
    3. Green energy sources: geothermal

    Fundamentals for Hydrogen and Biomass for Sustainable Energy and Economic of projects

    1. Green energy sources: green hydrogen and biomass
    2. Liquid Fuels from Syngas, Pyrolysis Oil, and Biocrude
    3. Economics and Sustainable Projects Management
              1. Time Value of Money
              2. Life Cycle
              3. Value of hybrid renewable energy and storage
              4. Sustainability management in Energy Projects

    Individuals in various professional roles who are seeking to enhance their basic knowledge of green energies and get involved in Sustainable Energy Projects and transform the Industry into Energy Efficiency.

    Foundation: Introduction to the theory, principles, sources characteristics, assessment and analysis, and how the Sustainable Energy sources are evaluated in order to properly select the optimum system or equipment for specific applications to Manage Projects.

    Basic knowledge of industry and difference among fossil energy and sustainable energy projects.

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