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    Fundamentals of Cementing Operations

    The goal of the course will be to increase the participant’s knowledge of well cementing services and to help them understand service specific technical design and operational considerations.  This will empower participants with the skills and knowledge to better understand, utilize, or supervise cementing operations.  The participants will be encouraged to discuss their cementing local best practices, case histories, and lessons learned whenever it is applicable during classroom group discussions.

    The course will be mainly theoretically driven, but will include a practical demonstration on rig site cementing equipment (mixers and pumps).  During this course there will also be several class-based exercises used to enhance the overall learning experience.  Additionally, demonstration kits will be used to emphasize subject items whenever applicable. 

    Day 1

    Introduction to Cementing Operations 

    • API cement classification
    • Basic cement chemistry and manufacturing
    • Primary cementing

    The course will begin with an HSE orientation before moving into a discussion of the course objectives and an overview of course content.  Participants will learn about the API Cements Classification System and will be provided with an overview of basic cement chemistry and introduce cement manufacturing.  The day will conclude with discussion of the following topics primary cementing, cementing equipment, well construction objectives, role of cement and its functions, cementing equipment, and casing hardware.

    Day 2

    Cement Slurry Design

    • Cement slurry selection
    • Mud removal
    • Gas migration

    On the second day, participants will learn the details of designing a cement slurry and the associated additives (plus their applications).  API lab testing for different cement slurries and their additives will be reviewed in relation to their mechanisms of action.  Mud Removal will be discussed in detail with particular emphasis on removal techniques and its importance to long term zonal isolation and well integrity.  Gas Migration theory will be covered with added details concerning everity, lab testing, and field solutions.              

    Day 3

    Cement Equipment, Plug Placement, and Software

    • Cementing equipment
    • Remedial cementing
    • Software demonstration

    This day will start with a detailed look at cementing equipment and casing hardware.  Various plug types will be reviewed and their placement discussed.  Potential plug failure modes as well as best practices will be covered in detail.  The fundamentals of remedial cementing (squeeze jobs) will be covered with emphasis on placement and pumping techniques.  The tools utilized in remedial cementing and the job procedures will be covered.  This day will conclude with a live demonstration of the CemCADE software platform in order to design a full treatment for a real-life well. 

    Day 4

    Cement Evaluation and Cement Job Practical

    • Cement evaluation
    • Cement job design and execution
    • Rig site cement job practical

    Cement evaluation logging (basic theory) including a review of the commonly used logging tools will start this day, before the participants perform some routine cement bond log interpretations.  Following a quick review of the cement job design (from CemCADE), the class will move outside to the training pad where they will follow a demonstration on rig site equipment.  This will cover how to prepare and mix the cement slurry before pumping it 'downhole' (PPE will be required).                

    Day 5

    Specialized and New Technology Cement Systems

    • New technology cement systems
    • Introduction to deepwater cementing
    • Round-table and course close

    The final day will review new technology cement systems such as light-weight slurries, lost circulation solutions, self-healing cements, flexible cement, and ultra-HT cementing.  The final classroom presentation will introduce the participants to deepwater cementing and the associated challenges.  The course will conclude with a round-table and feedback session before closure. 

    This five day course is designed for engineers or field supervisors who have limited or no experience in cementing operations.  It is also applicable to the more experienced professional who seek to consolidate the basic concepts, enhance design, and evaluation skills of cementing operations.  Non-cementing technical personnel who wish to increase their knowledge of well cementing will also benefit from this course.


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